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How it works

Team creation

A five step process from contacting us to starting work with your new team.


When we get your initial description, we identify the possibility off creating a new team for you given the team size and requested technologies.

Stage 1

Team requirements

  • Confirmation of your criteria
  • Early candidate screening
  • Questions from candidates

Assembling the team

We find matches in our database for your project and check people’s interest. We narrow down the candidate pool by checking with your preferences and price sensitivity.

Stage 2

Candidate verification

  • Profiles of interested candidates
  • Narrowing down of candidate pool
  • Price range check

Stage 3


  • Interviews with matched candidates
  • Feedback and follow up screening
  • Further Q&A

Engagement starts

The candidates went through the interview process and are ready to start working with you. Meta takes care of contracting and the setup with your organization.

Stage 4

Team completion

Contracting and assembly of the team for the project start

Stage 5

Work starts

  • The team is dedicated to you and your project and the work can start.


Typical hourly rates
across Eastern Europe

  • $34
    Czech Republic
  • $32
  • $27
  • $21
  • $17
  • $15

Czech Republic

Radek K.

Senior Backend developer with deep knowledge of SQL and .NET. Radek likes to take challenges and enjoys solving problems. 6+ years of experience.


Laura Z.

Experienced Information Technology Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry.


Leo B.

Freelance web developer situated in Prague, technology & innovation enthusiast. Bringing ideas to products and profits.


Boris J.

Boris has been a professional developer for 11 years. Most recently, he’s been focusing on artificial intelligence and big data analytics.


Claudia N.

Full stack development with focus on Android mobile apps, web applications and machine learning. 5 years of experience. Claudia leverages experience from past projects.


Adrian D.

Software Developer with great attention to detail and experience in the energy sector. With 4 years of experience.

Ready to get started?


  • What happens if I am not satisfied with an IT expert.
    We will replace the expert using the same process as at the beginning of the engagement.
  • Do all of your IT experts speak English?
    Yes, English is mandatory.
  • Contract issues - are we signing the contract with your IT experts directly?
    No, you would be signing a contract with a US or EU legal entity under which the experts are contracted.
  • Who owns the legal rights to the work created by an IT expert
    You do.
  • Can I bring IT experts on-site?
    This is case by case – It is possible to bring anyone on-site provided by they agree and there are no business travel or immigration restrictions.
  • How am I going to pay for your specialist (methods of payments, invoices)
    Invoices from a US or EU entity.